Expunctions and Non-Disclosures is what we do.

Want to see if you qualify to get your record expunged or get a motion for Non-Disclosure?

If you’re looking to get post conviction relief and you’re looking to expunge or seal your criminal record, you need to have an experienced team of expungement lawyers representing you.

Erase My Records solely focuses on resolving expunctions and non-disclosures for our clients.  Check your eligibility now.

How It Works


Background Check

We will run a background check or criminal history check to find out if you are eligible for an expunction or non-disclosure.


Pay Your Fees

The eligibility test will determine the fees due to expunge your record or file a motion for non-disclosure.


Attorney Review

The documents or petitions will be drafted and then reviewed by one of our licensed attorneys.


File With The Courts

The petition will be filed with the courts and then copies will be sent to all law enforcement agencies that have records on your case.


Still have questions about your record? Our lawyers are here to answer them.

What Is An Expunction?

It is a document that explains to a court why the court should order law enforcement to destroy any records about your arrest.

What Is A Motion For Non-Disclosure?

It is a document that asks the court to seal your records, it does not erase them.

What Is The Difference Between Expunction And Non-Disclosure?

An expunction seeks to destroy any records stemming from an arrest. However, there is a very specific group of cases that this applies to because you can't have a conviction or even been on probation to be eligible for an expunction.

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Why Should I Get A Non-Disclosure?

With a non-disclosure, the general public cannot find out what's on your record. All state and federal agencies that have any record of your offense must seal your record and cannot share any information on it with non-governmental entities. So, whether you're applying for a job, an apartment, or a loan, you can keep the details of your record completely private.


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The three partners have over fifty (50) years criminal trial experience and have tried well over two hundred (200) jury trials in the State of Texas. Our experience, dedication and legal knowledge about criminal law sets us apart from the others.
I am a former prosecutor and Board Certified Criminal Law Trial Attorney with over eighteen years (18) years of experience. I have handled thousands of criminal law cases throughout my career.

Shawn McDonald


For 25 years Pheobe Smith has been defending people accused of crimes. Practicing in both Federal and State courts, she brings experience, intelligence, and compassion to all of her clients.

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